ready to experience the best hair you've ever had?

If you would like to schedule a consultation for IBE Extensions, please start by completing the Extension pre-consultation form.  Once I receive it, I will reach out within 24 hours, during normal business hours, to schedule an in person consultation so that we can go over the details of the installation process, cost of hair and maintenance and decide if IBE Extensions are right for you!



the #1 most requested hand-tied extension method

IBE is the most comfortable hand-tied method to wear.  There is no discomfort or damage to the natural hair and scalp from tension, over-direction or incorrect installation.  IBE gives you the most versatility with styling options due to the invisible bead method and seamless installation.

why hand-tied?

Hand-tied extensions are the hottest, fastest, and least damaging method on the extension market today.

Installation is fast, with equally fast removal.  The process involves stitching multiple wefts of hair together and attaching the row with a beads and thread.  This method is painless and uses absolutely no heat, tape, or glue.


what is the process like?

Your IBE experience begins when you complete the pre-consultation form below.  

After determining that hand-tied extensions are right for you, I will schedule a consultation to meet in person and discuss your lifestyle, maintenance, and hair goals.

I will then work with you to choose an extension color to create a beautiful, seamless blend with your natural hair that is in line with your hair goals.

At this point a non-refundable deposit will be required to book your installation.  This fee will be discussed during your consultation.  I will then order your hair, if necessary, and prep it for your installation.

On the day of your new install, I ask that your hair be clean and smooth prior to the installation unless we will be doing a color service on your natural hair first.

I will then install your hair, shape ant trim the new hair to insure it blends with your natural hair and then give you a beautiful finished style.

We will finish by discussing your home care routine, recommending home care products, scheduling your move up, and then taking a few minutes for pics to show of your new look for social! 

how often do I need to come back?

Move-ups are required every 4-8 weeks with the average move-up time being 7 weeks.  This time is dependent on your texture, speed of hair growth, and home care.

how much hair will I need?

This will be decided during your consultation based on your hair goals and the current health, density and length of you natural hair.

Hand-tied extensions are generally applied in 1-3 rows with 3-6 wefts per row.  2 rows being the most popular.

~1 row adds volume

~2 rows will give you volume and added length

~3 rows is for a major transformation

how long does the extension hair last?

I use some of the best quality hair on the market for all of my installations and source it from a few different distributors.  The hair that I select for you is based solely on what your desired result and hair goals are that were discussed during the consultation.

I use single donor genuine Slavic and Asian hair that has a brass free color palette, is silicone free, is ethically sourced and comes in multiple shades, textures and lengths. 

If maintained and care for properly, your hair investment should last between 9 and 12 months.